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Yatra Notice Board

  • Welcome to MANGAL DARSHAN
  • Pawan Mangal Darshan Yatra is now online for its valued clients
  • *We believe in fulfilling your dream to visit all the holy places in India.
  • *This August you will have surprise package for Himachal Pradesh.
  • *Be ready for next Maa Vashno Devi Yatra in the month of July 2014.
  • *Due to hike in Railway Fare, our new registration amt is Rs. 2100/person
  • *Our old registration of Rs. 1600 is as it is, duration one year
  • *Customer Satisfaction is our asset to make our confidence very high.

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A company for the people who believe in strong and rich Indian Culture. We believe in providing happiness to you and your family, in particulars to parents by fulfilling their desire to visit Holy places.

" A unique platform that will provide you a path to fulfill your commitment and dedication to make your parents take their dream pilgrimage."

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